Data Monetization and Infonomics

Data Monetization and Infonomics

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Find out how you can assess the value of your company’s data and how that value can be extracted from it.

As the volume of data available to companies continues to grow exponentially, companies are starting to treat data as an asset to gain benefits from maximizing its value. Nonetheless, the process of assessing data’s value together with the identification of the right use-cases is complex. This is exactly why KPMG has developed its own data monetization approach together with specific tools that enable us to help you discover the business potential of company data efficiently.

The webinar will not only cover the theoretical concepts and KPMG tools that we use in our data monetization projects, but we will also share case studies from four different KPMG member firms (Belgium, Netherlands, Cyprus, and the Czech Republic), therefore providing an insight into how various data monetization projects can look like and what benefits they can bring.


Specifically, you can look forward to the following four case studies:

—    How to monetize customer data in automotive industry by KPMG Czech Republic

—    Leveraging data for optimising a bank‘s branch network by KPMG Cyprus

—    A user centric approach to creating data & analytics products by KPMG Belgium

—    Tracking benefits of data & analytics solutions by KPMG Netherlands


The webinar will be in led by Ondřej Kulhánek (CZ), Joris Renkens (BE), Lucia Falcioni (NL) and Loukas Pouis (CY).


We will broadcast the webinar on the KPMG channel via YouTube. You will have the opportunity to send us your questions during the event.

If you are interested, please register by Tuesday, 21st September. If you have any questions, contact us at

23. 9. 2021, 16:00-17:30 CEST Free Online
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