Retail Forum 2017

Retail Forum 2017

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The second annual KPMG Retail Forum will be all about speed, size and versatility.

In the last decade, department store Macy’s has lost 46 percent of its value, while e-retailer Amazon has gained a stunning 1 910 percent. A discus thrower will benefit from size; but for the long-distance runner, it pays to be sinewy and lean. Retailers, on the other hand, need to be decathletes. Every discipline, be it distribution, customer experience, price policy or design has to be mastered at its maximum level. 

A personal approach, high quality services, speed and convenience are a must nowadays. Just to be on-line is no longer enough, a safe shopping experience is what matters.

Come and be inspired by those who win in their disciplines:

Vladimír Dědek, director of mobile and web development of, will inform you about the future direction of the biggest domestic e-shop that last year exceeded one billion sales in just a week.

Pavel Homolka, marketing manager of Red Bull, will tell you how the famous energetic drink grew from a teenager into an adult brand.

A personal approach and customer care will be discussed by Anna Motlíková, founder of the Czech branch and director of Steilmann Praha, clothing, among others, the Czech soccer representation and Fed Cup tennis players.

Etain Seymour from IBM Ireland will guide us on the customer’s digital road and share hints on how to mine and use existing data.

Jan Krob from KPMG Czech Republic will focus on data protection and Radek Škrabal, managing director of SSI Group will discuss the specific security features of tens of supermarkets in the Czech Republic.


Additional information:

Should you have any questions, please contact Adéla Jelínková.

Conference participants will be charged a CZK 1000 conference fee. All proceeds will be donated to a charity voted on by participants during the conference.

Payment information: Please remit CZK 1000 (including VAT) by 20 April 2017 by bank transfer to account no. 40040904/2700. Please use your company’s identification number (IČO) as the variable symbol and mention your company’s name and event code 2017RF in the payment order’s message for the recipient. An invoice (tax document) will be sent to you after the conclusion of the event.


Partners: IBM Czech Republic, Economia

26. 4. 2017, 9:00-14:00 1 000 Kč DOX, Poupětova 1, Prague, 170 00
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